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Center for Evidence-Based Solutions to Homelessness

Center for Evidence-Based Solutions to Homelessness covers all of the major areas that comprise the field of homelessness, including the diverse populations of people who experience homelessness – from military veterans and people with chronic patterns of homelessness to families with children and unaccompanied youth – and the policies and programs that are intended to serve these different groups.

Kids Count Data Book

The 32nd edition of the Annie E. Casey Foundation's KIDS COUNT® Data Book describes how children across the United States were faring before — and during — the coronavirus pandemic. This 2021publication continues to deliver the Foundation’s annual state rankings and the latest available data on child well-being. It identifies multiyear trends — comparing statistics from 2010 to 2019. In addition, the report shares data on how families endured throughout the pandemic.

Urban Data Catalog

The Urban Institute's Data Catalog includes data sets on education, family, health policy, poverty, children, labor force, housing, race, economic growth, youth, immigration and more.

US Census Data on Housing

The Census Bureau’s housing data present a comprehensive picture of housing in America. You’ll find a wide range of data on the size, age and type of American homes; home values, rents and mortgages, affordability, the housing and construction industry, and more.

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US Census

The Census Bureau conducts surveys to provide periodic and comprehensive statistics about the nation on current facts, quality data and figures about America’s people, places, and economy. Surveys include statistics about America's changing population, housing and workforce, state and local government, public finance and public employment, a count of every resident in the U.S. every 10 years, employer businesses, industry, geography, and more. Along with collecting information about cost for the data and services provided, the survey results are critical for government programs, policies, and decision-making.

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