Your focus should be on making a difference.

Data is not the most important thing you do, the people you serve are the priority.

Nonprofits and funders can focus on their vision for systems change when they have the data they need to move their work forward.

Get exactly the amount of in-house staff expertise you need to take tracking impact data and storytelling permanently off your To Do list.

With us on board, you’ll never again search for the high-quality data

  • that helps you understand the people served
  • that supports your staff doing their best
  • for Board dashboards so they’re informed and engaged
  • which supports co-learning and collaboration between nonprofits and funders
  • for improving programs

You can have everything you need to tell compelling impact stories, anytime to anyone.

Maryfrances Porter, Ph.D
Maryfrances Porter, Ph.DCEO and Founder
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“Maryfrances is very adept at bringing individuals at various levels of understanding to a clearer view of the linkage of priorities and outcomes. The leadership Maryfrances provided was invaluable in our evolution of deciding how to invest our resources of dollars, advocacy, and volunteerism to address priorities. “

Cathy Smith Train, Past President, United Way of Greater Charlottesville

An Insight Manager is right
for you if…

  • You’re a nonprofit service provider or funder without staff who can logistically manage data.

  • You’re serious about tracking and using impact, but simply haven’t been able to carve out the time.

  • You want sustainable, flexible tools and processes to track the impact of your work and/or the work you fund.

  • You want monthly impact dashboards to help your Board track, understand, and talk about the work you’re doing and the difference you’re aking.

  • You want supported, collaborative conversations with your funders or grantees about current impact and ways to improve or scale going forward.

How it Works

  • Impact Managers support data collection and storytelling for nonprofits and funders engaged in systems change focused on equity and human thriving.

  • Funders can offer an Impact Manager as a capacity-building service for grantees. Grantees and funders can have the data and storytelling capacity they need to increase investment and impact.

  • The Impact Specialist joins your team to provide just the right amount of weekly data, insight, and storytelling for your organization: small and large, nonprofits and funders.

  • Using the ImpactStory™ Strategy: design, build, monitor, and evolve impact data strategy alongside your organizational strategy.

  • Annual contract. Capped quarterly. Starting at $6,500 a quarter. Predictable work plans and deliverables.

Uncomplicated, practical, and right-sized data and storytelling strategies to define, track, and use impact means

Social Sector Partners have access to powerful knowledge to activate the vitality, agility, and visionary impact of the whole sector.

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