FUNDERS ImpactStory™ Academy – Spring 2024


Small, mighty, and on-the-ground every day, local nonprofits fill service gaps, provide hope, and help make communities more equitable. But when impact data is inaccessible, they consistently miss out, not only on having the data to communicate their success to funders, but also for supporting their staff and improving programs.

Funders are increasingly wanting to level power and eliminate the scarcity mindset through trust-based philanthropy and innovative funding strategies. But they also need to know when partnerships are successful and how their investments are making meaningful progress toward systems change.

The ImpactStory™ Strategy emerged from my work and learning with local nonprofits and their funders over the last 20+ years. The Strategy is unique because it transforms formal program evaluation into a defined set of strategies and processes that can be sustainably used every day by small organizations.

The Strategy allows nonprofits and funders: to be clear about the immediate impact and vision they are working toward, to be confident in the data being collected and how to understand and use it, and to tell compelling impact stories that move people to action: clients to achieve, staff to track progress, programs to improve, funders to invest, volunteers to connect, and partners to collaborate.

The Strategy is used to track mission fulfillment on a path to a vision for systems change. When the Strategy is in place, social sector partners always have their impact story at their fingertips.

The ImpactStory™ Strategy Toolkit includes of instructions, tools, resources, and examples essential for putting the Strategy into place. The Toolkit is the focus of the live, on-line ImpactStory™ Academy. The 9-week Academy orients social sector leaders to all parts of the Strategy, gives them an opportunity to start building their systems.
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Spring 2024 Dates

Orientation and Introduction to the ImpactStory™ Strategy,  Monday 3/11/24,  2-3:30pm EST

Solid Framework,  Monday 3/18/24,  2-3:30pm EST

Programs that Work,  Monday 3/25/24,  2-3:30pm EST

Workshop Day – Articulating Your Impact, Monday 4/1/24,  2-3:30pm EST

Smart Surveys,  Monday 4/8/24,  2-3:30pm EST

Painless Data Analysis, Monday 4/15/24,  2-3:30pm EST

Workshop Day – A Deeper Dive into Learning and Insight Teams, Monday 4/22/24,  2-3:30pm EST

Masterful Data Viz,  Monday 4/29/24,  2-3:30pm EST

Powerful Impact Stories,  Monday 5/13/24 (TWO weeks after 4/30),  2-3:30pm EST

Who Should Attend

  • Director of Community Engagement and Impact
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Grants Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Data Manager or Internal Evaluator

You’ll Get the Most Out of the Academy if You Already Have

  • Full buy-in from the Board of Directors and Executive Director/CEO.
  • An organization which is invested in being a learning organization.
  • A desire for authentic, trust-based funder-grantee relationships with the goal of working together – and with the communities served – towards systems change.
  • A commitment to using data to improve programs, support staff, and tell powerful impact stories.
  • The ability to come to every class and do homework between classes.
  • Basic Excel skills and are not (very) afraid of numbers.
  • Curiosity and a growth-oriented perspective.

What You Walk Away With

You’ll leave with all the information, tools, resources, and examples needed to put the ImpactStory™ Strategy to work at your organization.

The Academy includes:

  • Nine 90-minute classes, plus 30 minutes after each class for questions, working on putting what you’ve learned into action, and networking. You get a total of 18 hours of live learning.
  • A comprehensive workbook and toolbox including all the resources, tips, and examples needed to bring the Strategy to life.
  • If you choose, you can complete a Strategic Impact Map™ (aka Solid Framework) for a portfolio. Nonprofit participants can also choose to create a Smart Survey.
  • Ongoing access to a class-restricted Google folder with recordings of all the sessions, as well as all the materials from each session.
  • All participants also get free and ongoing access to the Funders or Nonprofit ImpactStory™ Network, an invitation-only peer network, for asking questions, building relationships, and sharing information. I also hold a monthly, 90-minute discussion group for asking questions and working on the steps of the Strategy.
  • Confidence, motivation, and support in putting the ImpactStory™ Strategy to work at your organization.


Registration OPEN until February 29, 2024