The pressure is on. We get it.

The question has come up again: “What impact is your organization making?”

You’ve got big plans for moving your organization’s mission forward. Your communications and development teams need to highlight the big wins from last year. Catching the attention of funders and decision-makers means convincingly proving your impact. And, your Board wants to track progress going forward.

Talking about the value of your work should be pretty simple, right? After all, you don’t go to work everyday for the money.

You’ve worked hard to build strong donor relationships, and you know they still want to see the numbers. But, it’s so time consuming and it feels like starting from scratch each time. Why is program evaluation even part of your job?

What if there was a simplified approach to knowing and sharing your impact?We are and have created a model that other organizations have contacted us to replicate; we have a Strategic Plan for the future…the list goes on and on…” Kim Hyland, Executive Director, Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation

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“…We are financially stronger and have created a model that other organizations have contacted us to replicate; we have a Strategic Plan for the future…the list just goes on and on…”

Kim Hyland, Executive Director, Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation

You’re doing the work
every day.

How can be it so hard to tell your story?

It’s not just about what you know to be true, it’s about what you can show to be true. In the process of competing for funding and attention, you want to tell a true and powerful impact story.

Stop just collecting data because someone asks you to.

Take back your organization’s story.

That big grant you’re applying for?

The presentation to City Council about the importance of your work?

That special event showcasing your work?

The discussion with the Board about program development next year?

There are powerful stories needed for all of it. The challenge is telling them in a way that moves people to action.

The good news is the program evaluation is NOT your job. That’s why we created ImpactStory™.

Are you ready to move people to action?

“By working with PSI, we have gotten a stronger understanding of the role data plays in telling our story and showing our impact, as well as the importance of anchoring evidence-based practices in our work.”

Mary Coleman, Executive Director, City of Promise



I am a clinical psychologist (so I know stress!) and seasoned nonprofit consultant (so I know the struggle!). My goal is to humanize and demystify program evaluation, and make it so it folds into the every day operations of your organization, That’s why I created the ImpactStory™ strategy: to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities – as well as the supportive community – you need to tell your story clearly, confidently, and convincingly.

My mission is simple: To uncomplicate the process of showing your good work to the world. You’re in this job to make real change, not spend your days crunching numbers to prove it. I will inspire you to think differently about data, to own and capture your story, and find joy in telling it.

Everything you need to tell your impact story is within reach.

Maryfrances Porter, Ph.D
Maryfrances Porter, Ph.DCEO and Founder

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“Based on our work together our organization was able to form a clear message and have created a variety of presentation materials, surveys, and processes enabling us to measure impact and get the word out in a clear, professional, and attractive manner.  We have been complimented by many stakeholders, sponsors, and grant makers! The upcoming year feels dynamic and more manageable because of these efforts.”

Sandra Roszel, Director of Marketing, Leadership Fauquier

There has to be a way to not start from ground zero every time you’re asked to share your impact.

We can help

You know your organization makes a huge difference in people’s lives, but it can be hard to convincingly communicate your impact. You’re stretched—beyond stretched—for time to pull all the pieces of your story together with clarity and confidence.

The solution is within reach.

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