Proving impact feels overwhelming. I get it.

The ImpactStory™ Strategy is practical and sustainable.

Whether you’re a nonprofit service provider or a funder, tracking impact is critical for responding to clients’ needs, ensuring impact, improving programs, engaging donors, and building trust. It can even enhance collaboration and co-learning for nonprofits and their funders.

Unfortunately, program evaluation is often disruptive, abstract, expensive, and external. It doesn’t have to be.

I have transformed traditional program evaluation into a first-of-its-kind, straightforward toolkit any organization can use.

Small or large, now all social sector organizations can easily track impact and communicate the value of their work.and have created a model that other organizations have contacted us to replicate; we have a Strategic Plan for the future…the list goes on and on…” Kim Hyland, Executive Director, Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation

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“…We are financially stronger and have created a model that other organizations have contacted us to replicate; we have a strategic plan for the future…the list just goes on and on…”

Kim Hyland, Executive Director, Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation

You know your work makes a difference.

Why is it so hard to tell your story?

You’re a practitioner, not a scientist. Program evaluation is NOT actually your job!

But clearly showing your impact is essential.

That’s why I created the ImpactStory™ Strategy.

Are you ready to take control of your story?

“By working with PSI, we have gotten a stronger understanding of the role data plays in telling our story and showing our impact, as well as the importance of anchoring evidence-based practices in our work.”

Mary Coleman, Executive Director, City of Promise

ImpactStory™ Strategy

Real Life. Real Results.

I am a clinical psychologist (so I know stress!) and seasoned social sector partner (so I know the struggle!).

I am here to uncomplicate the process of tracking impact and talking about the difference you make in the world.

You’re in this work to make real change, the ImpactStory™ Strategy is the way to tell your most powerful impact story.

Everything you need to track and tell your impact story is within reach.

Maryfrances Porter, Ph.D
Maryfrances Porter, Ph.DCEO and Founder

“Based on our work together our organization was able to form a clear message and have created a variety of presentation materials, surveys, and processes enabling us to measure impact and get the word out in a clear, professional, and attractive manner.  We have been complimented by many stakeholders, sponsors, and grant makers! The upcoming year feels dynamic and more manageable because of these efforts.”

Sandra Roszel, Director of Marketing, Leadership Fauquier

There has to be an easier way to use impact data to improve programs, help staff support clients, and engage stakeholders.

I can help.

We all know nonprofits make a huge difference in people’s lives, and their funders make the work possible.

But it can be tricky to figure out what to measure and how to use impact data to show both individual success and progress toward systems change.

The ImpactStory™ Strategy and toolkit includes everything you need to confidently tell clear and compelling impact stories that move people to action:

clients to achieve, staff to track progress, programs to improve, funders to invest, volunteers to connect, and partners to collaborate.

The solution is within reach.

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