Enroll in the ImpactStory™ Academy to take back your organization’s story and tell it to the world.

Most small- and medium-sized nonprofit leaders feel so much pressure to prove they are making an impact in the world. This expectation can lead to complex, time consuming data collection, or even expensive, one-time, deep-dive program evaluations that leaves staff stressed, overwhelmed, and still scrambling to tell their impact story.

That’s why we’ve created a straightforward program that empowers you to be clear, confident, and convincing in creating and conveying your stories that move people to action.

Participants who enroll in our ImpactStory™ Academy will receive

  • Six 90-minute classes, plus 15 minutes before and after each class for networking and questions, and 2 sets of office hours to ask questions during the duration of the course, a total of 14 hours of live learning.
  • Workbook that walks you through the classes and includes additional resources.
  • All the knowledge needed to build out your nonprofits ImpactStory™ Strategy and evolve it to meet your needs over time, plus a completed Strategic Impact Map™ and revised survey.
  • Lifetime access to the ImpactStory™ Network where you can ask questions, build relationships, and share information.
Maryfrances Porter, Ph.D
Maryfrances Porter, Ph.DCEO and Founder
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“Maryfrances is very adept at bringing individuals at various levels of understanding to a clearer view of the linkage of priorities and outcomes. The leadership Maryfrances provided was invaluable in our evolution of deciding how to invest our resources of dollars, advocacy, and volunteerism to address priorities. “

Cathy Smith Train, Past President, United Way of Greater Charlottesville

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