The straightforward, 3-step ImpactStory™ Strategy includes everything you need.

I’ve spent decades in academic science and the social sector. Responding to the needs of my clients, over time, I have transformed program evaluation into a first-of-its-kind toolbox which can be used day-to-day to track mission fulfilment and improve programs.

Nonprofits and funders can clearly and confidently tell compelling impact stories that move people to action.

This is within reach. It’s not any harder than managing your budget.

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“Maryfrances is very adept at bringing individuals at various levels of understanding to a clearer view of the linkage of priorities and outcomes. The leadership Maryfrances provided was invaluable in our evolution of deciding how to invest our resources of dollars, advocacy, and volunteerism to address priorities. “

Cathy Smith Train, Past President, United Way of Greater Charlottesville

Step 1. Map Out Your Strategy

Be clear about what you do

Step 2. Gather the Pieces

Be confident in understanding your impact

Step 3. Tell Your Story

Tell the most compelling story

The ImpactStory™ Strategy

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“Working with PSI was a great opportunity to identify why the work we do really matters. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught in the day-to-day details and make assumptions about our impact. We worked with them to create a story framework for truly identifying the impact of our efforts. Thank you!”

Heather Mott, Direct Marketing and Support Services Manager, Camp Holiday Trails

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