I am deeply and profoundly grateful to have worked with leaders in academia, in nonprofits and foundations, in corporate giving, and in local communities. I have learned from these collaborations, as well as from and along side the countless people connected to, contributing to, and receiving this work. It is through these relationships that I continue learning and evolving my thinking, approach, and practice – and it’s literally a delight every.single.day.

My personal mission is to bring possibility, grace, and abundance into the world. What I offer through all my work, including through Partnerships for Strategic Impact® and the ImpactStory Strategy, are creations which reflect how I have understood, integrated, and built coherence from all I have learned.

I offer most of what I have created freely and abundantly, as my goal is for the social sector to have sustainable access to all the tools and resources needed to not just track but understand and use their impact to generate even more goodness. I hope you find these offerings useful and that you distribute them widely!

I am also privileged that my work has allowed me to make a living, pay my mortgage, donate to causes, and make contributions to my family’s immediate and long-term well-being and safety. In these last few years I have begun the both overwhelming and exciting process of purposefully building my business so I can reach more people and offer more substantial and sustainable support to the social sector. Collecting, synthesizing, and offering all these resources is a substantial investment of time, money, and love.

As you freely enjoy and purchase my tools, resources, and courses, please respect my copyright and credit me as you share what you learn. Please do not share resources your organizations has purchased access to outside your organization or bring them with you when you move on to new opportunities. Paying for resources and courses, crediting me when you use the tools I’ve created, and sharing your successes and testimonials are what generates the funding and opportunity that allows me to create even more.

Please use my logo and website links to credit my creations directly. The ImpactStory Strategy is the flagship offering of Partnerships for Strategic Impact® and includes LOTS of resources from brilliant colleagues and thought leaders. Please notice when I am referencing the work of others and give them direct credit (I always provide credit and links to original sources).

If you have questions about how to cite my work or the work of others’, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to info@impactstorycoaching.com.

I am also sincerely grateful for questions, requests for clarification, and alerts when errors are discovered – this is an important part of my learning and growth – so please never hesitate to kindly share your thoughts and observations.

With gratitude, Maryfrances