I work along side your team to build out a truly sustainable strategy.

Both nonprofits and funders need their impact story at their fingertips.

Tracking and using impact should not be more complex than managing your budget.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • ImpactStory™ Strategy build out, I will work with your team to create a Strategic Impact Map with citation, and then create your surveys and map out an efficient data collection process.
  • Ongoing training and coaching. I’ll support your staff in collecting data, understanding what it means, and using it to tell powerful impact stories.
  • When I leave you’ll have solid tools, a sustainable process, and the institutional knowledge to go forward on your own. But never fear! I’m always available in the ImpactStory™ Network.
Maryfrances Porter, Ph.D
Maryfrances Porter, Ph.DCEO and Founder
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“Maryfrances is very adept at bringing individuals at various levels of understanding to a clearer view of the linkage of priorities and outcomes. The leadership Maryfrances provided was invaluable in our evolution of deciding how to invest our resources of dollars, advocacy, and volunteerism to address priorities. “

Cathy Smith Train, Past President, United Way of Greater Charlottesville

ImpactStory™ Coaching is
for you if…

  • You are a nonprofit service provider or funder with at least one staff person able to dedicate an average of 5 hours a week to being the ongoing data manager.

  • You are serious about tracking and using impact, but need some support to put it all into place.

  • You want to set up a sustainable, yet flexible, set of tools and processes to track the impact of your work and investments.

  • Your board is interested in having impact dashboards that help them track, understand, and talk about the real difference your organization is making.

  • You want guidance in how to have collaborative conversations between nonprofits and funders about current impact and ways to increase or scale impact going forward.

What you’ll have in the end…

  • A complete, branded Strategic Impact Map™ that clearly articulates what you do, as well as the immediate impact, long-term and community-level change expected

  • A Impact Statement so you have all the research and citations needed to back up why your strategy is a good one

  • Efficient surveys and other data collection tools and processes that fold data collection into your work flow

  • Staff trained in data analysis, data visualization, and data interpretation, so you know what the data mean – so you can tell the best stories and can take action when needed

  • A curious, supportive community through the ImpactStory™ Network. We are the seasoned program-evaluation-program-development-data-storytelling consultants you need, right in your back pocket

“I just want to express that the clarity and soundness of reasoning that ImpactStory(TM) brought to our work has been TRANSFORMATIONAL! It has literally reframed the work our development team is doing; our impact is clear and solid. Our whole team is now on the same page. Our work with you helped us get there! Thank you, thank you!”

Rose Cole, Director of Community Engagement, Madison House

“We gained clarity, common language, and a stronger organizational structure and vision. We have been able to better communicate to our funders and stakeholders about our growth trajectory. This has also helped staff and board communication to ensure we are all on the same page. We have directly included content from our work with PSI to bolster our grant applications and reports to current funders. Due to our work with PSI, we have more clearly aligned our strategic goals and impact. We have also been equipped with the tools to measure that impact, which is a crucial step that PSI assisted with immensely. As a direct outcome of our work, we have negotiated a grant for a part-time development personnel for just under $25,000. PSI provides amazing facilitation, clarity, and results. We highly recommend them to our nonprofit members without hesitation.”

Evelyn Riley, Executive Director, Dan River Nonprofit Network

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