The pressure is on. We get it.

The question has come up again: “Can you share the impact your organization is making?”

You’re in the middle of another season full of big plans and strategies for moving your nonprofit organization’s mission forward. To keep the wheels turning, you need additional funding. You know as well as we do that in order to get it, you’ll need to prove the impact of your work to the decision-makers at the table.

It seems like a simple task, especially since you’ve been doing the work. But, for some reason, the thought of gathering ALL the pieces of your own puzzle and telling one compelling story causes a mountain of stress, confusion, and insecurity.

They want so much…There’s so much to prove…It’s going to take up SO much time.

Truth be told, it’s overwhelming to even begin answering the question.

What if there was a simplified approach to sharing your impact when it’s all on the line?

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The truth is, you’ve already done the work.

Why is it so hard to tell your own story?

Sometimes it’s about more than what you know to be true, it’s about what you can show to be true. In the process of securing additional funding, you’re also trying to meet everyone’s needs and expectations. You want to tell a true story, and it has to be powerful.

That program you want to launch?

That special event that promises to bring more visibility to your mission? That collaboration that’s going to make an impact on the community?

That success that already happened?

There’s a powerful story behind it all. The challenge is in connecting the right dots so you can share it in a way that moves people to action.

Are you ready to move people to action?




Led by Maryfrances Porter, PhD & Alison Nagel, PhD

This 8-week intensive coaching experience is designed to help you better tell the story of your organization’s impact to the people you need to support your mission.

Led by two evidence-based psychologists and seasoned nonprofit consultants, ImpactStory™ Group Coaching will equip you with thinking, strategies, and formulas to tell your story clearly, confidently, and convincingly.

Become part of a collaborative community of other nonprofit leaders all looking to conquer the same challenge when it matters more than ever.

This program will dare you to think differently about data, to look inward before going outward, and to regularly recognize the compelling narrative of your own story.

All skills you’ll need to share your impact…anytime and to anyone.

Maryfrances Porter, Ph.D
Maryfrances Porter, Ph.DCo-CEO and Founder
Alison Nagel, Ph.D
Alison Nagel, Ph.DCo-CEO and Senior Partner

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When you enroll you’ll also receive immediate booking access to one-on-one coaching sessions where you can get personalized advice for your nonprofit organization.

Fall ImpactStory™ Group Coaching starts in September. Groups are limited to 12 people.


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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

It’s time to apply for another grant that seems to be tailor-made for your organization. The funder is asking for just 500 words to describe the impact of your programming. You know it’ll take you at least half the day to sift through all of the data you have sitting at your desk. In reality, you know you’ll write closer to 5,000 words before you’re done, and you still won’t have a clear story that moves anyone to write a check.

A Board member calls and invites you to dinner with a potential big donor. You know they’ll ask you to prove what you’re doing will “move the dial”. On top of everything else you have in the works, now the pressure is on to pull the right information together to present a confident and convincing impact story that will win this partnership.

It’s time to create your five-year strategic plan and you need to present a compelling story to your board and team members about the previous five years. You need to equip everyone with the knowledge and understanding to anticipate the challenges that lie ahead. Your story also must balance the essential information with a message that roots everyone in the mission at hand.

We can help

You know your organization makes a huge difference in people’s lives, but it’s hard to get to the heart of it. Clarity is necessary, but you’re stretched—beyond stretched—for time to pull all the pieces of your story together, and succinctly.

There has to be a way to not start from ground zero every time you’re asked to share your impact.

Reserve your seat below for ImpactStory™ cohort 1 group coaching. We promise we’ll help you land at your own storytelling solution for every scenario.

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