Effective Data Storytelling

Book by Brent Dykes | 2021

This is an AMAZING book, well researched, easy to read, about why you should combine data and narratives, and some strategies for doing just that. WARNING: The book is written for data scientists and the author, the wonderful Brent Dykes, spends the first half of the book helping them understand why they should use data inside a story and with personal narratives – rather than just presenting a bunch of numbers! As a nonprofit leader, you might want to start at Chapter 4 (all the chapters are described in the link). I incorporate a lot of Brent’s work ImpactStory™ Group Coaching.


Resource Link: https://impactstorycoaching.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Effective-Data-StoryTelling.2021.pdf

Parent Source: https://www.effectivedatastorytelling.com/