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The Economic Contributions of Healthy Food Incentives

This pioneering study shows that broad expansions of healthy food incentives would provide powerful returns on that investment – for families, grocers, and farmers, as well as more broadly among the state economies where such benefits are expanded.  The findings demonstrate that state and federal policymakers would be wise to double down on their support for these programs.

Housing Partnership Network Policy Team

The Policy team of the Housing Partnership Network (HPN) works with Congress and federal agencies to improve the effectiveness of housing and community development programs and ultimately the outcomes for our communities. HPN works across the spectrum of affordable housing needs from preventing homelessness to producing rental housing and providing for homeownership opportunities. They respond to community needs in urban, suburban and rural areas, as well as being committed to creating thriving neighborhoods and working for racial justice.

Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels: Effective Practices in Affordable Housing Development

A report by Enterprise Community Partners, Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels: Effective Practices in Affordable Housing Development describes the best practices for public entities seeking to use publicly owned land for affordable housing development. The authors focus on ways to improve the efficiency of the solicitation process—the process in which public entities seek proposals from the private sector to develop publicly-owned land. According to the report, efficiency is the key to achieving the goals of both the public agency and developer. The report provides best practices for public agencies, taking into consideration a variety of agency goals, agency capacities, and property types.

Housing Research Repository

The Housing Research Repository includes summaries of notable research studies and reports on topics related to affordable housing. The Repository is designed to help housing advocates and researchers stay current on the latest national research findings, as well as on research pursued at the state and local level across the country.

National Low Income Housing Coalition

National Low Income Housing Coalition supports programs at the intersection of housing and services that support the ability of the lowest income people, including those with service or accessibility needs, to have affordable housing, live where they choose, increase their earned income, and participate in decisions about their housing

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