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US Census Data on Housing

The Census Bureau’s housing data present a comprehensive picture of housing in America. You’ll find a wide range of data on the size, age and type of American homes; home values, rents and mortgages, affordability, the housing and construction industry, and more.

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Kids Count Data Center

KIDS COUNT includes data from the most trusted national resources, the KIDS COUNT Data Center draws from more than 50 KIDS COUNT state organizations that provide state and local data, as well publications providing insights into trends affecting child and family well-being, in order to track the well-being of children in the United States. By providing high-quality data and trend analysis through its KIDS COUNT Data Center, the Foundation seeks to enrich local, state and national discussions concerning ways to secure better futures for all children — and to raise the visibility of children's issues through a nonpartisan, evidence-based lens. Through its National KIDS COUNT Project, the Annie E. Casey Foundation develops and distributes reports on important well-being issues.

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US Department of Education Data & Statistics

The US Department of Education collects data on America's schools, disseminating research, and focusing national attention on key educational issues. They prohibit discrimination, ensure equal access to education, and promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence.

US Department of Labor Statistics

The US Department of Labor provides data on employment, wages, inflation, productivity, safety and health issues in the general work setting as well as in the mining industry. The agencies that collect these statistics are the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

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