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Assessing the Quality of Programming

Partnerships for Strategic Impact created a one-pager to help organizations assess their quality of programming. In order for an organization to make the case that a specific impact is the result of programming they are providing in the real world, the authors breakdown what three things to look out for during an assessment.

The Missing Part of Style Guides

One big reason more folks don’t adhere to the company style guide is because it doesn’t have all the guidance they need. Style guides are a gift – the people who put them together have already made some difficult decisions that guide your graph-making. This is the document where you’ll find the exact colors you should be using in your charts. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find details about font sizes. This takes out the guess work and makes it such that everyone’s viz looks the same. And THAT brings you cohesion and consistency.

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Key Steps in Outcome Management

This is the first in a Urban Institute series of guides to help nonprofit organizations that wish to introduce or improve their efforts to focus on the results of their services. This first guide, entitled Key Steps, provides an overview of the outcome management process, identifying specific steps and providing suggestions for examining and using the outcome information

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