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Client Success: Madison House Takes Back Their Story

Client Success: Madison House Takes Back Their Story

April 2022

By Maryfrances Porter

I recently worked with Rose Cole at Madison House in Charlottesville, VA. Rose is the Director of Community Engagement at Madison House, which is a 501(c)3, but interestingly serves as the volunteer center for students at the University of Virginia (UVA) in Charlottesville, VA. They coordinate student volunteers for local nonprofits, develop leaders, build community partnerships, and promote lifelong service. Rose has a PhD in Educational Leadership, Foundations, and Policy in Higher Education. She understands data, has taken >>

Accessibility Quick Wins – DataViz

<h2>Accessibility Quick Wins</h2>
Depict Data Studio | 2021

How do we make our graphs more accessible? There’s a misconception that accessibility takes all day, that’s it’s costly, or that it’s complicated. Those are all false. Accessibility is woven into all my trainings, but since this is a topic I get asked about a lot, I decided to make a new talk that’s focused just on accessibility for dataviz. In Spring 2021 our friend Ann K. Emery gave a talk at the Good Tech Fest conference about dataviz accessibility quick wins. You get to watch her whole >>

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