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Building a Solid Framework for ImpactStory Telling

This 20-minute free training introduces you to what story frameworks are, how they can be useful, and gives you an overview of our innovative Strategic Impact Map™ tool. If you want more information about creating your own Strategic Impact Map™ you can visit The ImpactStore and purchase our Strategic Impact Map™ booklet, which includes much more detail on each of the parts of the Map, instructions for facilitating small group meetings to create a Map, and how to translate your Strategic Impact Map™ into a Theory of Change or Logic Model any time you are asked. Also >>

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Introduction to the ImpactStory Strategy

Watch this 30-minute free training on our ImpactStory strategy and how it can help your organization not only tell convincing impact stories, but how it can support staff performance and even strategic planning. Once you’ve implemented this strategy you will have everything in place to tell your impact story to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. It really is within reach. Save time and money, be more effective in your fundraising, and let go of the frantic scramble every time someone asks you to prove your impact.

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Nonprofit Program Evaluation: Mission Impossible?

October 2021

By Maryfrances Porter & Alison Nagel

Trying to do the Impossible

Since 2000 we’ve seen nonprofits try to do the impossible – and it isn’t breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. It isn’t trying to retain talented staff. It isn’t the endless chore of applying for grants and wooing donors so your organization stays sustainable and diversified (for brilliant commentary on this Sisyphean task you should read Nonprofit AF!). It’s none of these. The impossible task we are talking about program evaluation.

Program evaluation. An enigmatic necessity. Another thing to please funders and create headaches for you.  Or: something >>

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