A Transformation of Program Evaluation

I have transformed traditional program evaluation into a first-of-its-kind framework and toolbox you can use day-to-day to track mission fulfillment and iteratively improve programs, separately or collaboratively together. Read about the ImpactStory™ Strategy and my upcoming book!

3 Tips for Getting AUTHENTIC Survey Responses

Nonprofit clients are often grateful, and they probably don't want to insult you. How do you not just get a lot of "strongly agree" answers that don't help you improve programming? Read more about three tips to help ensure they tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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A Strategy for Co-Building Knowledge

What if... we established uncomplicated, sector-specific structures, defined metrics, and capacity for tracking, analyzing, and using impact data?

18 Ways to Say “Impact”

A topic that came up recently in the ImpactStory Academy is all the different words for IMPACT. I started a quick list and came up with 18 different words - I know, right!

3 Data Culture Must-Have’s

I worked with an organization which wanted to be dedicated to collecting and using data. But, data was only seen as a fundraising tool, so they didn't create a positive data culture.

3 Keys to Successful Surveys

There are approximately a zillion more simple things you can do to boost response rates, improve the quality of your data, and ensure you are collecting data you can turn into action. Here are the three most important!

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