A Transformation of Program Evaluation

I have transformed traditional program evaluation into a first-of-its-kind framework and toolbox you can use day-to-day to track mission fulfillment and iteratively improve programs, separately or collaboratively together. Read about the ImpactStory™ Strategy and my upcoming book!

A Strategy for Co-Building Knowledge

What if... we established uncomplicated, sector-specific structures, defined metrics, and capacity for tracking, analyzing, and using impact data?

18 Ways to Say “Impact”

A topic that came up recently in the ImpactStory Academy is all the different words for IMPACT. I started a quick list and came up with 18 different words - I know, right!

3 Data Culture Must-Have’s

I worked with an organization which wanted to be dedicated to collecting and using data. But, data was only seen as a fundraising tool, so they didn't create a positive data culture.

Why Nonprofits Should NOT do Program Evaluation

The scientific method just doesn't fit the budget, the mission, or the needs of nonprofits in the complex, day-to-day work of providing critical services. What the nonprofits I worked with needed was actionable data

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