Part 2: Project GROWS’ Tracks Mission Fulfillment

They are tracking what matters most!


May 7, 2024

Maryfrances Porter


In my last blog, I introduced you all to Megan Marshall, Jeremy Starn, and Nicole Barrows at Project GROWS. 

This is
the second in a series of blogs which walks you through how they took what they learned in the ImpactStory™ Academy last fall (2023) and put the whole ImpactStory™ Strategy into place at Project GROWS.  

Today – let’s take a look at how Project GROWS tracks their mission fulfillment.


Reminding You about the Strategic Impact Map™

As described in the last blog, Mission-driven Solutions allow you to (a) track the cost of impacts, and (b) know what programs need tweaking if you are not getting the impacts you hope for.

A Strategic Impact Map™ is a social sector
business plan for mission fulfillment! Here is Project GROWS’ Strategic Impact Map.


Mission is Fulfilled Through Productivity and Immediate Impact

As I described in the last blog, each Mission-driven Solution has productivity and impact aligned with it. 

– is the amount of work done. This includes the number of services delivered and the number of people served. In traditional logic models this is called “outputs.”

Productivity for Project GROWS’ first Mission-driven Solution,
Equitable Access to healthy food:
# of sales with nutrition incentives
# of VFM outlets we are supporting in our region
# lbs of food sold and donated to low access communities
# of mobile market sites, visits, transactions
# of food servings distributed
# of, and hours of service, of community ambassadors


Immediate Impact – are accomplishments and/or the knowledge, skills, abilities, confidence, motivation people leave services with. They also include how relevant the services were and how satisfied people were with what they received. Most of these things are best measured with surveys. In traditional logic models this is referred to as “short-term outcomes.”


Immediate Impact for Project GROWS’ first Mission-driven Solution, Equitable Access to healthy food:

  • People report consuming more fresh local food, including fruits & vegetables
  • People have increased access and affordability of fresh, local food including fruits & vegetables


Take a look at how Project GROWS has lined up everything they need to track to show the impact they are making in the world!

What’s Next in this Blog Series

In the next blog, I’ll show you how to get the citations that allow you to tell the story of how the immediate impact you give the people you serve is expected to result in long-term and community-level change!

FYI – Strategic Impact Maps™ are the focus of Sessions 2, 3, and 4 in the ImpactStory™ Academy.



Thank you for all for all the goodness you’re putting into the world!

– Maryfrances

Your ImpactStory™ Coach

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Partnerships for Strategic Impact®

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