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    A Starry Night Mosaic illustrates how having a solid framework for program evaluation helps nonprofits tell their impact story; story telling with data

    Nonprofit Leaders: This 13-minute free training introduces you to what story frameworks are, how they can be useful, and gives you an introduction to our innovative Strategic Impact Map™ tool.

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    Our ImpactStory strategy simplifies and demystifies the overly complex processes of program evaluation and storytelling with data. Nonprofit impact evaluation is within your reach.

    Nonprofit leaders: Watch this 15-minute free training on our ImpactStorystrategy and how it can help your organization not only tell convincing impact stories, but how it can support staff performance and even strategic planning.

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    A Strategic Impact Map™ allows you to pull together all the pieces of what you do to tell your most powerful impact story: it connects your vision, mission, programming, and the longer-term and community-level impacts you are working toward.

    Join us for a live, in-depth, 3-hour workshop where you learning everything you need to know in order to build your very own Strategic Impact Map.


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    Nonprofit Learning Lab Logo - Program Evaluation is not Your Job

    We are here to tell you that program evaluation IS impossible for small- to medium-sized nonprofits. It’s not your mission and it’s not your job. However, you can and should still meaningfully track and understand the impact your organization is making for the people served – and that’s more than enough! Learn about a 3-step strategy for telling clear, confident, and convincing stories about the impact your organization has on the people you serve.

    Click here to access this FREE webinar hosted by the Nonprofit Learning Lab.

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  • Collecting and talking about impact can feel complicated, expensive, and overwhelming for nonprofit leaders. Data collection can get in the way of service provision, and dedicating the time and resources for program evaluation can feel impossible. Until recently, there has not been a straightforward, affordable, and sustainable strategy which even small nonprofits can use to track impact and tell powerful impact stories. This two-day series will introduce the ImpactStory™ Strategy as an accessible and actionable way to collect and use data to move people to action.

    Day one will focus on how to create and use surveys to most equitably and effectively capture the immediate impact clients get from working with your organization. You will get an opportunity to practice writing survey questions that zero in on the most important information to gather.

    Day two will focus on how to validly and responsibly analyze and graph survey data so it can be understood and used to improve programming, realign resources, and communicate impact to stakeholders and funders. You will get an opportunity to use sample data to draw conclusions and plan needed action.

    A survey template and sample Excel analysis file will be provided as take-home resources.


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    Day-in and day-out, nonprofits and their funders’ missions are to deliver goodness so people can achieve long-term goals. To ensure they can fulfil their missions, uncomplicated, sector-specific structures and defined metrics, including capacity for tracking, analyzing, and using impact data, and strategies for identifying insights and making data-driven decisions must be established. And, ll this must be accessible, affordable, and sustainable for even the smallest social sector organizations.

    Join me for an intensive, 9-week, on-line and live Academy where you get all the knowledge needed to build out your nonprofit’s ImpactStory™ Strategy and to evolve it over time to meet your changing needs. Join me for 30-minutes after each class for questions and working on your own material. Click here for the syllabus.

    The price is per organization, not per person, so included everyone you want from your organization. Each session builds on the one previous – so it is strongly recommended that all participants attend all sessions to get the most out of the experience.

    Spring 2024 Registration is Open

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