October 2021

By Maryfrances Porter & Alison Nagel

Ever Get That Drowning Feeling?

You know that oceanic feeling you get when you first dive into the internet sea looking for new information? You know how your forehead furNonprofit leader biting her pencil in frustration because it is hard to find good resources for storytellingrows as you start sifting through the first several pages of results, trying to figure out what applies and what you can ignore? You know that ache behind your right eye you get when you realize you need to use Google Scholar, which means navigating new terms: similar terms, terms that clearly mean one thing but are being used in some weird way? You know how, after several hours, you start to zero in on the literature you’re really interested in – you’ve figure out what’s “in” and what’s “out” – and now you have a whole set of bookmarks or a folder on your desktop, chocked full of things you’re sure you need to read? By this time, we’ve subscribed to about ten new newsletters too! You know how, at first, everything feels important as you start digging in and reading; then, after a while you realize only a certain part is important? Then. . .you start noticing all these really relevant-sounding emails showing up from those previously mentioned newsletters.

Yup.  We know these feelings too!  In fact, that’s how the first two years of grad school felt. . . and the last five years too. But we got used to it, and now, we are really good at navigating these deep dives, finding our way, and letting the cream rise to the top.  BONUS – we’ve spent the last 20 years collecting knowledge.

We are ready to share this treasure trove with you!

We’ve Done the Diving and the Reading for You!

Small- and medium-sized nonprofits don’t need to read everything there is about program evaluation, survey development, data analysis, storytelling with data, data visualization, evidence-based programs, evidence-informed programs, best practices, survey development, and grant writing. And most of what’s out there isn’t written with you in mind anyway.

We’ve got you! Not only are we sharing the resources we’ve already gathered, we are constantly scouting articles, books, blogs, video, tools, tutorials, and data sources that are easy to read and simple to implement. When we can’t find something written for you, we created it. And, no matter what, we’ve annotated it: right at the top of each resource, we tell you what’s inside and why you might want to read it.

You won’t find any research articles here, but you will find all the real life citations you need.

The ImpactStory™ Resource Library

We wanted to take the headaches out of looking for the right data, the right program, and the right tools. To make it as easy as possible, we’ve sorted everything in our library in three ways:

Our ImpactStory strategy simplifies and demystifies the overly complex processes of program evaluation and storytelling with data. Nonprofit impact evaluation is within your reach.

We have sorted everything by which part of the ImpactStory™ Strategy it applies to: Solid Foundation, Programming that Works, Simple Surveys, Painless Data Analysis, Powerful Data Viz, and Masterful Impact Stories (plus a category for Extra). So, if you’re looking for something on Logic Models, head to the Solid Foundation tag; looking for citations for a program you’re running, that’s in the Programming that Works tag.

We also know that sometimes you just want the top take-aways and other times you need a step-by-step tutorial. So, if you want to dip your toes in to a topic head to the Introduction tag. When you really want to understand a topic take head to the Deeper Dive tag. Ready to learn how to? We’ve got a Tools and Tutorials tag. And, when you need to quickly find the community-level data you need to make a case for your services, click Data Sources.

We’ve tried to think of everything a small- to medium-sized nonprofit might need! So, you can also browse the library’s content by topic (literally Advocacy to Veterans). Or, you can use a Key Word Search to zero in on things most relevant to your work.

Hey!  If you find a great resource, share it with us – we’ll add it!

We Get It

At Partnerships for Strategic Impact®, we know your time is valuable and that you never, ever (ever, ever, ever) have enough of it!  Give us some of that burden by letting us identify the best resources to help you tell the most clear, confident, and convincing impact story.

You really can tell the whole story of how your organization is improving people’s lives. You really can talk about how people can take what they learn and make lasting change. And you really can talk about how your work is done in service of improving community conditions for everyone.

This is within reach. Just about anything you need is in our Resource Library – and if it’s not – it’s about it be!

— Maryfrances & Alison
ImpactStory™ Coaches

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